frequently asked questions

how many children can you teach?


We can tailor a class up to an hour long with a group of 30 children or we can deliver two half hour classes covering 60 children. A teaching assistant is required with a ratio of 12 to 1 teacher.

are teachers trained in safeguarding?


All teachers are trained in safeguarding. Please click here to view the latest safeguarding guidance.

I want classes in my area but I can't find any!


Don't worry! Contact us and we will look into setting one up near you. Email us on

how much does it cost?

Based on your requirements, a quote will be given upon enquiry, classes start from just £2.30 per child per class depending on the number of children.

do you offer classes during curriculum time?

Yes we do! We can offer classes during PPA, Literacy, PSHE, PE, Story-time or as a club.

how do I book?


You can submit a booking through our bookings page here. Alternatively you can contact us on or 0800 852 7308 to book classes. 

is there a minimum booking?


Minimum booking is a term (please note different boroughs have different term dates)

how long are the classes?


In nurseries classes are split into 2 x 30 minutes between toddlers & preschoolers. In a school setting, classes can be split into 2 x 30 minutes or up to an hour - please consult with your Little Mandarin Classes Manager.

are you on social media?


Of course! We like to connect with schools and nurseries through social media. Connect with us here: facebook and twitter

do you offer one to one classes?


Yes, we offer one to one classes. This can be in a setting or your very own home. Please note if it is in another setting this will come at a fee.

do children need basic understanding of Mandarin?


Not at all. Little Mandarin Classes is designed to help non-native Chinese speakers learn Mandarin Chinese in a fun way!

what age groups do you teach?


We have classes for early years (2-5), key stage one (5-7) and key stage two (8-12). 

are your teachers enhanced dbs checked and insured?


Yes, all Little Mandarin Classes teachers are enhanced DBS checked and insured.

what is kinaesthetic learning?

Kinaesthetic Learning is a learning style in which the student carries out various physical activities, rather than sitting and listening or watching the teacher.



From a young age, children (and adults, too!) are encouraged to stay active for a healthy, overall development. We find that encouraging our students to dance, clap, jump, interact through role-play or sign language can help stimulate their learning: from the most energetic ones, who “can’t sit still”, to the more reserved, who come out of their shell during the class.


How we do it

We have specially designed class plans to help engage and stimulate students learning. We use props like flash cards, puppets, instruments and games to support the learning and make it fun! The core learning is done through story-telling and sign language, children learn to associate vocabulary with a particular sign making it easier to remember. 

Sign language trains the brain and helps developing motor skills, sign language keeps children on the move (using their hands) even when sitting and it is also an inclusive tool. 


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