Dates: Wednesdays 19th September - 12th December

(12 weeks, no half term classes)

Time: 4pm - 5pm

Age group: 8 - 12 year-olds

Location: Children's Wellness Centre - 27a Fishers Lane, London W4 1RX


Little Mandarin Classes is coming to Chiswick London for children aged 5 - 7 and 8 - 12 years.

Children aged 8 - 12 years learn how to listen, speak, read and write Mandarin Chinese. Children listen to a story and reenact the adventure in groups combined with British sign language - this is great for developing cognitive, listening, concentration and confidence levels.

There is online learning material to continue the learning at home. Little Mandarin Classes is designed to make learning one of the world's most spoken languages into an easy and fun language to learn. We highly encourage parents to join in on the fun!

London Chiswick - 8 - 12 year-olds