During quarantine it is easy to just lay down and lounge around, so here are a few things to keep yourself active at home.

1. Have a workout in the morning.

Early morning workouts not only help you establish a routine, but once a routine has been established you are less...

During these difficult times it is easy to get anxious and stressed about current situations, so here are a few things to do if you're stressed.

  1. Take an hour to meditate or do yoga.

Yoga is intensely physical, so concentrating on what your body is doing can help b...

  1. Instead of having it on its own, you can make it slightly more nutritious by adding a fried egg on top, or with some other condiments like fried span, carrots or pickles this makes your simple bowl of noodles a little bit more exciting.

  2. Instead of having your...

Quarantine calls for delicious and simple deserts and savoury snacks that you can make in a few minutes.


You will need:

4tbsp of self-raising flour

4tbsp of caster sugar

3tbsp of cocoa powder

1 medium egg

3 tbsp of milk

3 tbsp of vegetable oil

A drop o...

June 12, 2020

Here are 100 things to do during lockdown! - How many can you tick off?

1. Complete a puzzle: The more pieces the better! Feeling extra saucy? Take on a Rubik's Cube. More of a word person? Crossword puzzle!

2. Start a journal or blog. Sure, it can be about the coronavir...

In quarantine it might seem hard to learn another language without a proper teacher in front of you telling you what to do, but here are a few things to improve your Mandarin skills at home:

One thing to try and do in a day, is to sit down and try to learn a couple of n...

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June 13, 2020