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January 9, 2019

We offer a comprehensive and fun learning programme that allows children to learn Mandarin Chinese through story-telling, role-play & British sign language. We tick the National Curriculum Modern Foreign Language criteria and offer programmes for Early Years & KS1 Chi...

August 17, 2018

I started off last week’s blog with some dark confessions about lessons gone past that I have taught; the good, the bad and the absolutely chaotic, and I ended it with some pyscho-babble about sensory references and mental bridges and a promise that I’d explain myself...

August 6, 2018

Sing and sign Ba Ba Black Sheep in Mandarin Chinese with Little Mandarin Classes 

The UK has experienced the lowest rate of birth of the decade in the past two years. This results in fewer children attending childcare settings and nursery managers are facing the challenge of reaching full capacity in their nurseries.

Budget cuts and low income are an...

陈天佳】迎接另一个晨曦 带来全新空气
Chen Tian Jia – Ying jie ling yi ge chen xi dai lai quan xin kong qi

【刘欢】气息改变情味不变 茶香飘满情谊
Liu Huan – Qi xi gai bian qing wei bu bian cha xiang piao man qing yi

【那英】我家大门常打开 开放怀抱等你
Na Ying – Wo jia da men chang da kai kai fang huai bao deng ni


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