5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Chinese

1. Learning Chinese Is A Growing Trend

If I were to tell you that everybody is learning Chinese these days, I would be lying. Of course, not everybody is but it is a fact that there are more people actively learning or considering taking up Chinese than any other language in the world today. More and more people have become aware of China's rise and importance on the world stage, particularly after the success of the 2009 Beijing Olympics, and, as a result, there is a growing fascination with Chinese customs, people and culture. Also, due to the global expansion of China, companies worldwide are increasingly recruiting staff that can speak Chinese and education facilities are more keen to take on greater numbers of well qualified Chinese language teachers.

2. Learning Chinese Will Improve Your Job Prospects

It can be argued that learning Chinese is not easy but for those who persevere with this tonal language, there are potentially great rewards on the job front. If you can put on your CV that you can speak fluent Chinese, then you put yourself ahead of the rest of the pack who are going for the job. Due to the difficulty in learning the language, it is a skill which impresses a lot of different employers. With the Chinese economic market constantly rising, companies increasingly require fluent Chinese speakers (and writers). Read more about job opportunities in ' 4 ' below (Companies Worldwide Are Seizing Massive Marketing & Manufacturing.)

3. Being Able To Communicate With 1.3 Billion People Very Empowering

If you learn Chinese, you immediately have access to talking to more people than any other language. More than 1.3 BILLION people speak Chinese; you can now interact with so many new and different people, understand vast new sources of media and learn about a storied and glorious culture. The doors that open for you if you learn Chinese is incredible. Learning Chinese can potentially help you to make so many fascinating or even powerful friends and create so many new, unique opportunities for yourself in life.

4. Companies Worldwide Are Seizing Massive Marketing & Manufacturing Opportunities ...................more good news for you if you speak Chinese!

China is not only the country where everything is created – the factory of the world – it is also the quickest growing market on the planet, with over one billion consumers. Companies who do business with China see massive marketing opportunities for themselves. By creating one effective marketing campaign in China, a company could find itself more clients than in any other country in the world.

Think about the potential in the 'youth market', for example. Young people in China are now, more than ever, interested in having the best gadgets and quality of life - just as most kids, teenagers and young adults in European and American countries have.

With such massive marketing opportunities these days, companies are climbing over each other to find qualified Chinese speakers – you could land yourself a very lucrative job by just being able to speak the Chinese language alongside your marketing qualification and experience.

Similarly there are great job opportunities within manufacturing. In the manufacturing world, everything that is quality and is also cheap comes from China - so or they say. This is also good news for those who have mastered the Chinese language.

With over 1.3 billion inhabitants, China's relentless work force produces so much for much cheaper wages than in Europe and America. However, many of these manufacturing companies are run by foreign companies, so if you are able to get involved with these foreign companies, the very fact that you can speak Chinese can open doors for you. Indeed, you could become vital to the company’s manufacturing side.

5. Learn Chinese - It's Good For Your Brain!

According to scientists, learning Chinese (or indeed any foreign language) can actually make parts of the brain grow, namely, the hippocampus, which is a deep-lying brain structure associated with learning new material spatial navigation, and three areas found within the cerebral cortex.

When you learn a new language your brain has to switch between languages which exercises the cognitive 'muscles' thus improving a ones ability to maintain focus and move between several tasks at the same time. Generally speaking, those that have mastered more than one language are better at prioritising and multi-tasking.

Research has also shown that those who can speak more than one language are less likely to be hit by the disease associated with ageing, Alzheimers. Studies have shown that if you are going to be hit by this terrible affliction, bilingualism can hold if off for around four years longer.

So if you are still thinking about whether or not you should learn Chinese, these are five excellent reasons why it might just change your life! Speaking and writing Chinese has so many advantages – career, culture, health and intelligence wise. You can open up new career paths, make a whole new world of friends, see things you never would have been able to see before, and discover an entire new part of the world that most non-Chinese speakers will never see.

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