Christmas in China

Christmas is nearly here and it has become one of the most celebrated traditions in China’s internationally influenced cities in the past 10 years.

The Christmas traditions have been widely adopted and put together with local Chinese customs. For example, the Christmas Tree is known in China as “The Tree of Light” and the decorations used are mainly hand-made, paper mini-lanterns, flowers and chains.

Chinese people have also made their own version of Turkey, the roast duck, with a side of tasty yams or roasted chestnuts.

The further you go West in China, the less Christmas is celebrated, however, in Hong Kong and Macau, due to the British and Portuguese influences, Christmas is a two day public holiday. In Hong Kong they do it so well, the Hong Kong Winterfest has reached Top 10 places to spend Christmas in the world, according to the American TV channel, CNN.

Among all the lights, the carols and the shopping, the most important role of this day, in China, is to bring together families and friends in a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere, without any religious connotations attached.

Let’s all remember that and have a wonderful time together this Christmas!