Language + Culture with Little Mandarin Classes

When trying to understand a different culture, being able to understand the language is like having its deepest secrets whispered into your ear. And when language becomes the art of learning and pushing boundaries, you have all the reasons to pursue it.

We have always talked about the Chinese Zodiac, we celebrate Chinese New year in London through wonderful festivities and let’s admit it, who has never tried a delicious Chow Mein or a soft bun during a stroll through China Town? Let alone the martial arts, Chinese medicine, or the beautiful porcelain pottery; It’s so big, so present, it became part of every corner of the world in a way or another keeping its authenticity. Chinese culture is one of the world’s oldest cultures, while the language is reckoned to be the most difficult language in the world to learn and the world’s only remaining pictographic language in common use.

Little Mandarin Classes has come to life for all these reasons and more. Working in the educational field, we have been met with requests and suggestions. Parents know, the carers and the teachers know just as well: in a world that is constantly developing, with China as the world’s second largest economy, speaking Chinese becomes a great advantage. International companies have always looked for bilingual or multilingual professionals, while speaking Chinese may give one an edge in any employment circumstance. Moreover, for an English speaker, there are vast opportunities to travel and teach In China, where knowing Chinese makes everything more accessible and fascinating…

So we decided to start early. We are there, in nurseries and primary schools starting with January 2016, growing in the same time with the children we teach. We look at our classes as an intercultural learning experience, essential in nowadays society. This said, we seek to promote awareness of other cultures, the moral and cultural development of the pupils, while broadening their thinking patterns and imagination. The process is sustained by well structured classes that engage and develop their writing skills, a