Summer update!

Dear Londoners, here we are, in the middle of summer, preparing class plans for the start of our first complete academic year in town!

We have been teaching taster sessions and arranging bookings in the past couple of months and are very excited to work with new primary schools in the Boroughs of Hackney, Camden and Lambeth!

By working with primary schools, we want to increase awareness of second language importance and intend to make learning a second language mandatory in primary schools, starting with the Early Years.

We would love for all children to have the chance to learn a second language and be just as lucky as some of our pupils who are born in multilingual families. This way we are also supporting diversity and showing children who speak another language than English at home that this is an incredible skill to have and that they are very fortunate to have it. Stay tuned for a blog on this topic!

In the meantime, we hope you are enjoying summer, in London or somewhere further away, meeting new people, having new experiences and staying open to positive change. See you all very soon!