Why learn Mandarin from the age of 2

Research suggests many companies see an additional language as a bonus. With the British and Chinese economy booming it is clear learning Mandarin can bring great benefits to candidates.

What strikes us the most is many schools teach a new language at the age of 8. Research suggests children as young as 2 years can absorb tones and pronunciation like a sponge. Why not start them young?

At Little Mandarin Classes we target this age group delivering Mandarin through stories and movement. Children are full of energy and have a shorter attention spam compared to older children, we deliver a unique programme where Children can have fun, utilise their energy and learn a language at the same time!

All teachers are enhanced DBS checked, insured and trained and ready to deliver Mandarin classes at your setting!

Contact us now on 0800 852 7308 or info@littlemandarinclasses.co.uk

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