Sign language at Little Mandarin Classes

November 24, 2016



Hi everyone!


We have introduced sign-language into our Mandarin Chinese classes. 


Teaching through movement is highly effective, allowing children to move and express themselves during class. Therefore, we decided for an even more inclusive approach and we now associate the new vocabulary with simple signs, inspired by the British Sign Language and Baby Sign Language.


By using manual signing in our nursery classes, toddlers learn how to communicate and, eventually associate Chinese words with concepts. Later on, children learn how to express themselves more clearly through spoken words and gestures, which enhances their early social and communication skills.


For school age children, sign language is welcoming towards special needs and English as an Additional Language, which makes Little Mandarin Classes highly accessible. Sign language is also a fun, interactive tool that children can use for their own entertainment, such as sharing secrets or communicating in silence or from a distance.


To see the way we work, why not book a taster session in your school or nursery?


At the moment, we collaborate with schools in Hackney, Camden, Southwark, Lambeth, Wandsworth and City of London.


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