Crowd funded Mandarin Chinese classes in London

Ni Hao everyone!

We have big news, wonderful news!

We are preparing a CROWD FUNDED project through which we aim to raise money in order to provide free classes for a selection of nurseries and primary schools in London!

We are dedicated to teaching Mandarin Chinese to children in London and from our experience, funding is often an issue. While private schools and nurseries may have a packed schedule or already offer Mandarin classes to their little ones, many public schools struggle with booking affordable extra-curricular activities for children. Spare money can always be used for essentials like restoration of the building, better quality food or classroom materials but teaching all children, without discrimination, a new language proves challenging.

While we carry on with business as usual, we will raise money to kick start the change that we want to bring to the education system. Foreign languages are to be learned at a young age, when children assimilate new vocabulary more naturally. For more on this, check out Imogen’s input here or read about second language regulations in primary schools here: