Stories and sign language at Fount London

Ni Hao everyone!

As we always say, we love Hackney and we are always happy to visit, especially if it has something to do with one of our favourite places, Fount London.

Last week we visited the nursery with our new teacher, Connie, and Yann, our photographer and taught a Little Mandarin taster session. On this occasion, we focused on children’s learning through sign language.

We decided to teach a large group of approximately 20 children and benefited from the support of all staff who were incredibly kind and helpful. It’s easy to see how dedicated and involved all teachers are at Fount.

During the taster session, all children sat in a large circle, participating in Connie’s story of the Silly Little Mouse and learning their first Mandarin Chinese greetings. For Ni Hao!, which means Hello!, we use one hand extending our fingers and crossing the thumb in front of the palm. We start the movement in front of our ear and then extend the hand outward, away from the body. Zàijiàn on the other hand, is the same as the traditional gesture for the words Good Bye. We open our hand folding down the fingers and open it again.

After we giggled a bit at how silly the little mouse was, we wanted to see exactly how easily 2 and 3 year-olds can learn and perform the signs. Under the caring watch of their teacher, children showed us that Mā ma (Mother), Píng guô (Apple) and Tóu (Head) are a piece of cake and are very keen to learn.

We snapped a few pictures of those cute little faces and you will see them very soon here on our website or on Twitter, where you can follow us @Little_Mandarin or Fount @Fount_Nursery.

To end with, we would love to say a bit THANK YOU to everyone at Fount, for hosting us again this December and to our brilliant team at Little Mandarin Classes for being so dedicated to teaching our children the Mandarin skill!