How to support your child's language learning

Ni Hao!

Every beginning of the year is marked by a very special event, very dear to us and to many families in London: The Chinese New Year.

One of the most widely celebrated holidays in the world, the Chinese New Year shows a beautiful part of the Chinese culture: its history and ancient traditions.

Picture by Snowflake Books

If you live in London, you might have attended the celebrations taking place through Chinatown and Trafalgar Square at least once. Children are in awe of the gigantic dragon and its traditional dance carried out by a highly skilled team of performers. Delicious treats, mesmerising costumes and fireworks are just a few of the eye and soul treats you can enjoy during the festivities. But there is so much more to that.

Maybe you are one of the many parents who would like their children to learn Chinese? Maybe you are a native speaker, or your partner is, or maybe you have just returned from a wonderful experience in East Asia and would love your little one to continue their learning?

While taking regular classes is essential for language learning outside its actual context, looking deeper into the origins and history of a culture will help you create the context you need in order to instill love and create genuine interest.