Stories we tell at Little Mandarin Classes

Ni Hao!

We hope you all had an amazing January and a great Chinese New Year!

I'm back to the LMC blog to tell you a bit more about the way we teach and what is behind the sign language teaching and story-telling.

Sign language was generated by the idea that keeping children engaged means keeping them on the move through a kinaesthetic approach - mentioned in an earlier post. We use standard or modified baby and british sign language in association with the key vocabulary in our class plans. Learning Mandarin through signs shifts the focus from external props or events on to the child itself who is encouraged to talk, move and learn something new in the same time.

A Little Mandarin Classes session has a short story at its core. The vocabulary dictates the topic and the topic develops into a story. Stories spark children's interest and encourage interaction while sometimes they will take a life of their own, as children bring their own ideas and contributions.

In their first term, children at Little Mandarin Classes will learn greetings, numbers, family members, emotions and colours.

For greetings, children will meet the "Silly little mouse" and the "Very curious cat". To learn the numbers, they will follow a series of movement instructions such as clapping, jumping or stamping their feet, while "Daisy the happy cow" will teach them how to say if they are happy or unhappy in Mandarin.

Other Little Mandarin stories are: