How does it work?

February 8, 2017


Little Mandarin Classes teaches Mandarin Chinese using kinaesthetic methods. Children learn through movement, having fun and remembering new vocabulary easily!


Classes are taught through role-play, story-telling and sign language. Becoming fully immersed in the adventure, children are actively engaged when they have a story to follow and use Mandarin as a tool to help them through the story. 


Classes are offered in Children's Centres, Nurseries and Primary Schools. You can get the following:

- 2 x 30 minute classes or up to 1 hour class

- Classes during curriculum or as a club

- Enhanced DBS checked, fully trained and insured teachers

- Fun and engaging classes!

- Happy and creative children

- Online learning material



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What is Kinaesthetic learning?

Kinaesthetic Learning is a learning style in which the student carries out various physical activities, rather than sitting and listening or watching the teacher.



From a young age, children (and adults, too!) are encouraged to stay active for a healthy, overall development. We find that encouraging our students to dance, clap, jump, interact through role-play or sign language can help stimulate their learning: from the most energetic ones, who “can’t sit still”, to the more reserved, who come out of their shell during the class.


How we do it

We have designed class plans specifically to help engage and stimulate pupils' learning. We use flash cards, puppets, instruments and games to support the learning and make it fun! The core learning is done through stories and sign language, children learn to associate vocabulary with a particular sign making it easier to remember. 

Sign language trains the brain and helps developing motor skills, signing keeps children on the move (using their hands) even when sitting and it is also an inclusive tool. 






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