Benefits of learning and speaking Mandarin Chinese

Understanding language is one of the hardest things your brain does.

We all know that speaking more than one language enriches a person's own mind and life while opening doors to many different opportunities.

Little Mandarin Classes teaches one of the six official languages of the United Nations, Mandarin Chinese! Mandarin is also the official language of China and Taiwan and around 1 billion people speak this language around the world.

In 2016, more and more families in the UK have chosen to learn Mandarin Chinese as the second or third language for their young children and this is no surprise: learning Mandarin Chinese has multiple advantages and we gathered the most important right here for you.

Psychological benefits

Learning Mandarin as a foreign language increases cognitive activity through the retention of new vocabulary and rules. This stimulates the brain muscle, making it stronger and more resistant to ageing and disease.

Speaking 2 or more languages increases mental flexibility and creativity and Mandarin Chinese develops these skills through its unique features such as the character writing system.

Academic benefits There are numerous studies showing children score higher in tests and benefit from overall higher academic achievement when learning or speaking one or more foreign languages.

Mandarin Chinese grammar is in many ways similar to English grammar. This enables transferrable skills throughout more departments.

Learning Mandarin increases apprehension in history, maths, economics, leading to inquisitive and knowledgeable individuals.

Personal and Professional Benefits

Speaking Mandarin is considered a challenge and the children who learn it are more likely to overcome difficulties later in life.

Learning Mandarin encourages perseverance, patience and commitment, qualities sought in both personal and professional relationships.

Mandarin speakers are also perceived to have an edge on other candidates. A non-native speaker has an insight into two or more different cultures and contexts, a great advantage on the current global market, where China plays an increasingly important role.

Social and Cultural Benefits

Children who learn Mandarin benefit from increased cultural awareness. The door opening for them leads to an 8,000 years-old culture, famous for traditional values such as: harmony, benevolence, wisdom and loyalty.

Speaking Mandarin enables children to explore and understand cultural diversity and form a healthy, well-rounded and tolerant attitude towards all people.

These are just a few of the ways learning and speaking Mandarin can benefit children now and later in life by helping them:

- stay mentally sharp - broad their horizons

- be more employable

- communicate when they travel

- meet more new people

- be confident

- have more fun!

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