Benefits of Story-telling & Role-play

July 18, 2017


Story-telling and role-play are an important part of a child’s development; they provide a pathway to imagination, building confidence, creativity, physical development, problem solving and empathy.


At Little Mandarin Classes children can become the silly little mouse who forgot their hat, learning about responsibility and greetings in Mandarin! They can also be the brave little cat who goes travelling around the world, making friends and learning how to ask for their names! The list is endless and so is children’s imagination!


At Little Mandarin Classes, our activities are focused on children developing their communication and social skills and gaining self-confidence. Children are encouraged to bring their creativity and thoughts to the table to discover what else could have possibly happened in the story!


We believe in encouraging children to express themselves without the fear of being wrong. They get rewarded for trying. 


Our teachers focus on building relationships with their students and enable a fun and relaxed learning environment!

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