We Tick EYFS Boxes

A Unique Child

Learning Mandarin Chinese can be very difficult but when learning through stimulating resources such as songs, games, movements, gestures and stories, children can gain confidence, be self assured, independent and resilient. Learning Mandarin Chinese can also enable children to become more open minded about other cultures therefore encouraging respect to other children and their backgrounds.

Positive Relationships

Children will be supported in class to encourage confidence, independence and self esteem through positive relationships. Teachers will foster a warm and a sense of belonging to respond to children's needs, feelings and interests. They will be communicating with other children in Mandarin Chinese and English to create friendship, trust and support in one another.

Enabling Environments

Each child will share the experience of learning Mandarin Chinese in a safe and enabling environment with the support of a strong partnership between practitioners, parents and carers. Through stimulating resources, children will become open minded about different cultures and communities and supporting to children to take risks and explore. Children will be able to value all people and enjoy learning Mandarin Chinese.

Learning & Development

Children develop personal, social and emotional skills through our stories and role-play - children go on wild adventures stretching their imagination. Children also learn to listen, be attentive, understanding and practice their speaking during the class. Our role-play encourages children to move and increase physical activity for example building a house, chopping wood, swimming through the deep blue sea!


Putting it into Practice

- Creating an engaging environment - children are encouraged to answer open questions, give suggestions and improvise “Let’s make a sandwich together!"

- Children explore and express themselves - children offer their own interpretation of characters, reproduce sounds and express various emotions - “Let’s meet the shy elephant"

- Use of dramatic play for personal and emotional development - children have the chance to pick their own characters and perform under guidance - “What does an angry lion say?"

- Kinaesthetic approach for physical development - more than 50% of the sessions consists of different postures, hand gestures, singing and dancing - “Let’s stretch as tall as a tree!"

- Communication and language skills through interaction - high use of repetition, learning new sounds and pronunciation, vocabulary associated with sign language to improve participation - “Let’s hear what our friend has to say!"

- Themes and topics to help understand the word - class plans are based on daily activities, with topics such as nature, animals, school days, family members, sports and more - “Nelly’s school bag” class plan, “Jungle sports hall"

- Songs and games for entertainment - activities such as singing songs, dancing and playing non-competitive games to keep children interested and focused - The “Ni hao” song

- Enhanced DBS checked and insured teachers for the health and safety of pupils

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