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Introducing Little Mandarin Classes at your Nursery

Little Mandarin Classes offers fun and engaging Mandarin Chinese classes to toddlers and pre-schoolers through our specially designed kinaesthetic teaching approach - learning through various physical activities rather than sitting and listening or watching the teacher.

We combine this teaching method with Story-telling, Role-play and British Sign Language to really enhance children's learning abilities. We use flashcards, games, songs, singing bowl, parachutes and puppets to help aid learning of Mandarin Chinese.

Our classes for Early Years children encourages listening and speaking, we use stories and adventures to utilise the Mandarin vocabulary. Children initially learn the sign language associated with the Mandarin word and repeats this throughout the story - this involves lots of physical movement, creativity, imagination and developing emotional and physical well-being at the same time.

Take a look at what our happy customers say about our classes:

What you get with Little Mandarin Classes

- Classes for toddlers & preschoolers

- 2 x 30 minute classes

- EYFS compatible

- Enhanced DBS checked and insured teachers

- Access to online learning material for teachers and parents

- Attract more parents to your Nursery

What is a typical class like?

Toddlers class entails lots of songs, 1 - 2 new vocabulary every class, visuals using our flashcards, short snappy stories and activities to gauge their interest. A favourite activity is playing with the rainbow parachute whilst counting to 10 in Mandarin. Children also are fascinated with the singing bowl.

Preschoolers class involves an introduction on greetings, then we sing a song, introduce the vocabulary - typically 3 - 5 every class, a small game, then role-play and story-telling then a recap on the vocabulary they've learnt and ending with a song.

Benefits of Little Mandarin Classes

- Develops creativity and imagination

- Develops motor skills

- Improves children's emotional and physical well-being

- Increases confidence

- Develops concentration

- Develops listening and speaking skills

- Developing empathy and sympathy

- Increases social skills

Why choose Mandarin

- From recent research in the UK, children and parents have cited Mandarin as the language they would most like to learn to help with future prospects

- China is the second largest economy in the world fast catching up with the US to become potentially the largest economy in the future; aspirational parents would most likely want to equip their children with the best opportunities

- The Department of Education is funding a Mandarin education programme as they see the importance of children learning the Chinese language for the UK economy

How can we book?

- We just need an ideal day and time

- Starting date, end date and dates you are closed

- Groups - toddlers or preschoolers

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