Game: Practise Using Chopsticks!

Would you like your child to become even more excited about learning Chinese?

This is a fun activity that teachers do in our Mandarin Chinese classes to stimulate children’s interest and curiosity.

Your child will love this challenge and it's very easy to do this at home.

Materials needed:

1 x pair of chopsticks

5 or 10 China/Chinese culture facts written on individual pieces of paper, folded twice

You can do this after reading a book in Mandarin Chinese (look up or after some online research with your child. Your child will use the chopsticks to pick up one piece of paper and read the fact our loud.

To make it more fun, instead of facts, you can write down:

- questions about the story you read together;

- questions about China or Chinese culture;

- dares related to learning Chinese.


Here is a list of suggestions you can use:

1. What is China’s lucky colour?

2. How long does Chinese Festival last for?

2 days 10 days 6 days

3. When do people in China sail a Dragon Boat?

4. True or false: To keep together the bricks of the Chinese Great Wall, Chinese people used rice.

5. What is China’s most famous animal?

6. True or false: Chinese giant panda is a very good swimmer

7. What do Chinese people love eating?

8. True or false: China in Mandarin means “middle earth”

9. China has the second longest river in the world. Do you know the name?

10. What are the ingredients used inside dumplings?

11. What can you find on a Chinese dinner table?

(name 4 things)

12. Can you name three things Chinese people invented before anyone else?

13. True or False: if a Chinese lantern was very big, it meant that the family was very rich!

14. What is the name of that Chinese red thing that floats in the air?

15. True or False: the most important rock in China is JADE

16. True or False: Chinese people invented the ice cream.

17. What is China’s number one hobby?

18. What is China luckiest animal?

19. True or False: Chinese people discovered tea by accident

20. What did Chinese people use to get protection against ghosts?

21. True or False: Almost half of the pigs in the world are in China

22. What is China’s unlucky number?

23. What do you do before entering the house of a Chinese person?

24. True or False: In China there are all sorts of landscapes and animals.

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