Craft activity: Make your own fan!

You may remember making fans when you were a child so now it’s time to pass this on!

This is really easy and the materials you need are:

1 x piece of paper (the longer and narrower the paper is, the better the fan will look!)

1 x colour pencils/paint

1 x piece of string/wool/rubber band

Start by getting your child to decorate the piece of paper! They can draw Chinese characters, animals, flowers (look at the cherry blossoms activity).

Next step is to fold the paper! Folding is done on the width of the paper in order to get as many fold as possible. The folds shouldn’t be wider that 1cm and you can start by folding over the paper, then under the paper and all the way until you folded the whole piece.

Once folded, hold one end of the paper together and pull both sides of the other end open and here you go! A colourful paper fan that just needs to be tied with a piece of string at the base to keep together!