Relax and learn: Chinese films and animations

Ni Hao!

It’s half-term and maybe you thought about introducing your little one to Mandarin Chinese this summer; perhaps you even enquired about classes on our website or you are planning a holiday in China, these are all great excuses to curl up on the sofa (now that it’s still freezing out there) and watch a good Chinese film or cook a delicious dinner/have tea with friends while your child watches the first episode of Young Master.

Whatever your reasons are, children love films and cartoons and you may be surprised at times at how much they learn from them. Hearing the spoken language on a regular - and controlled – basis, will help the young learner familiarize with new sounds, recognize them in conversations and, eventually, reproduce them!

Here are some of our suggestions and you can find most on Youtube:

  1. Journey to the West (watch first episode here

  2. Young Master (watch the first episode here