Learn to speak Sign Language

British Sign Language is the most common form of communication through gestures, face expression and body language in the UK. It is used particularly by people who are deaf or have hearing impairments and it was recognised as an official minority language in 2003.

Using signs can develop children’s ability to express themselves and it’s a great tool to improve memory retention.

Some of the schools and nurseries in the UK use systems such as Makaton or SSE (Sign Supported English to support spoken English of their children.

Sign Language is not difficult for learners but and create pleasant and helpful interactions.

At Little Mandarin Classes we choose to use sign language in order to develop a creative way of learning Mandarin Chinese. Children find this way of learning exciting and they are very enthusiastic about being able to speak two different languages at once.

You can learn more about BSL here: http://www.british-sign.co.uk/what-is-british-sign-language/

Try learning these sentences in Mandarin Chinese through sign language here: