Managing stress during SATs and beyond

Year 6 children are experiencing a challenging time this week but SATs week can put a lot of pressure not only on our children but also on families and teachers.

It is essential to create a positive approach to this period for all involved. Mental health is a subject that has been receiving increased attention in most work and education environments and it is, indeed, the answer to how we are going to ensure the negative impact is kept to a minimum.

1. Mindfulness practices for everyone

Mindfulness as a concept has only become popular in the UK in the past 5 years, but most of us have practised mindfulness at a point in our lives without noticing. It’s more a matter of remembering to be mindful and setting time aside to do this. There are many ways in which we can do this, from taking a 5 minute break in a quiet space to just breath, to playing instrumental music and close our eyes for while or just taking a walk in the park, looking at the trees, or the clouds. We can all teach our children to do this and even do this together: at school, or at home.

Remember that life will happen the way it does, but the one thing we have control over is our attitude towards it.

2. Healthy food