Why more and more parents are choosing Mandarin Chinese for their kids as a second language - and it

It's no secret that Mandarin Chinese has long emerged as one of the most important foreign languages to learn, with Mandarin almost overtaking English as a top choice for foreign students, but recently it has become apparent that more and more parents are sending their kids to learn Mandarin long before they reach University age.

It's no secret that kids are able to pick up languages quicker and with more ease than grown-ups do and research has shown that language learning is a much more simple process for a child's brain than for an adult's. Children have an easier time intuitively picking up and replicating new and unfamiliar sounds and have a better ability to remember new vocabulary. For this reason it's all the more important that learning a new language starts way before university age, with some experts saying that there is no age too young to start learning a new language.

It is for that reason that many families have been sending their kids to private tutors, hiring mandarin nannies and even moving to a Chinese speaking country for a number of years, all for the sake of giving their offspring a head-start in life, and a noticeable advantage over their peers. Private schools in the UK have been offering Mandarin classes for a number of years now as part of their regular curriculum, giving their pupils a choice to study a language that's as ancient as Latin or Greek, but is more relevant in today's evolving world than French or German.

That's all very well for those who can afford it, but what about families that can't afford tutors, nannies and expensive trips?

That's where Little Mandarin Classes comes in.

Founded in 2015, Little Mandarin Classes has been offering Mandarin curriculum programmes and clubs in local schools and now operates in over 30 schools and nurseries and has since been franchised to operate in more areas across the UK.

A year into its operation, British Sign Language was introduced into the teaching approach as a way to build a mental bridge between the foreign sounding words and a familiar hand gesture, and the feedback has been phenomenal. Schools report that the students are not only having a tonne of fun in the lessons, but with a rigid methodology behind the teaching philosophy the kids have been picking up the language at a fantastically fast rate, proving that acquiring a foreign language is not only for the fabulously rich.

To arrange Mandarin classes at your local school, nursery or community center, click here.

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