How to learn Mandarin Chinese fast?

July 27, 2018

The exciting new method that is helping kids pick up Mandarin at lightening speed!


Over the years there have been many different approaches to language learning, with a few prominent methods vying for the top spot as the most efficient way to learn a language.

For many years it was the dreaded Grammar Translation method (–translation_method) that still to this day gives students nightmares  of long verb tables and incomprehensible texts, making language learning  a lot less fun than it should be; in the 1980s the Direct Method, which then evolved into the Natural Method, ( were both vast improvements on the dreaded old school approaches, but still placed a large emphasis on long teacher monologues and parrot-like repetition question and answer sentences. 




Then came the Natural Approach ( ) which brought forward the beliefs that language is at its core a vehicle for communication, and that the process of learning a new language should mimic as closely as possible the natural process in which a child acquires his or her first language. This fundamental new axiom of language teaching made language educators worldwide go back to the drawing board and take a much closer look at the way children learn their first language, and what the way language learning has changed since then is monumental (


Little Mandarin Classes wholly adopts the Natural Approach and has adapted it further to meet the needs of the young learners in their classes. Classes are focused around immersing the children in the target language. Teachers encourage young learners to use their listening and speaking skills, and they use stories and adventures to utilize the Mandarin vocabulary, and the results speak for themselves: schools and nurseries are reporting back fantastic results, seeing the little ones go from speaking no Chinese to being able to sing songs, count, play games and act out stories all in the target language in the space of just a few short terms! (



The secret behind the success of LMC to help kids as young as 3 really smash the language barrier is something truly quite fantastic. Their unique Kinaesthetic Teaching Approach ( teaches the kids through learning British Sign Language to give a tactile sensory reference to the kids as they learn the new vocabulary!


More on LMC’s Kinaesthetic Teaching Approach in the next post.

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