The results are OUT and it’s clear that more and more students are choosing to study Mandarin!

The GCSE results are fresh off the press and together with last weeks A-Level results the trends amongst GCSE and A-level choices are becoming clear, here are some of the results for Mandarin A-levels and GCSE’s, and in comparison, the same results for another modern language, German:

For A-Levels, its definitely a pretty picture:

Chinese has become more popular among sixth formers than German for the first time – with 3,334 students taking the subject this year compared to 3,058 students who sat exams in the European language.”

For GCSE’s it’s good news, but there’s a twist:

Chinese – which is now the third biggest language subject at A-level – saw its GCSE entries rise. GCSE entries in Mandarin increased by 7.5 per cent from 4,104 in 2017 to 4,410 this year. The subject is now the fifth most popular GCSE language, after Italian. German entries rose from 43,649 in 2017 to 44,535 this year – an increase of 2 per cent.