Welcome our new franchisee in Cambridge: Huai Ly


Can we introduce you to Huai Ly of Little Mandarin Classes Cambridge!


"Hi, my name is Huai Ly. I live in Cambourne, a town of 9 miles away from Cambridge. Prior moving to the UK, I worked in nurseries and international preschools in many different countries, such as Sweden, Scotland, Malaysia and Singapore where I love working with children from a wide diversity of background. 


I relocated to Cambridge years ago with my husband. We now have two sons; they both learned how to read Chinese characters when they were 15 months old. It was amazing to see how much the little ones can learn by just flashing cards to them daily.  I then started private tutoring of Mandarin Chinese when we moved to Cambourne. Some of my pupils have been learning Mandarin for more than 5 years, they especially love to taste and make some Chinese cultural food such as making rice dumplings during Dragon Boat Festival where children wrapped some glutinous rice and minced meat using bamboo leaves.


Getting more young children to learn Mandarin as foreign language has been my dream. The advantage for younger learners is that they have the ability to mimic closely the native pronunciation and intonation of Mandarin language. However, the progress of teaching Mandarin as foreign language to young children has been growing slowly because finding excellent teaching materials and resources has been very challenging.  But I finally came across Little Mandarin Classes in 2018 and it ticked all the boxes on my list. I love the idea of children learning through kinesthetics teaching.  Active learning would certainly bring in more engagement, interaction and of course fun!


I love being part of the Little Mandarin Classes family. I run the Cambridgeshire area and received full support from Little Mandarin Classes Head office. As a franchisee I am very involved with the business administration and teaching where I find is the best combination because it suits my working experience and education background. It is the perfect job for busy mums; it provides flexibility of working hours (I mostly work from home) and a work-life balanced lifestyle. I am not going to miss my son’s sports day this year. And now, I jump out of my bed every morning looking forward to my day!"


Start Classes at your Nursery or School in Cambridge by contacting Huai Ly on huaily@littlemandarinclasses.co.uk



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June 13, 2020

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