About family and business with Yan Cheung (Little Mandarin Classes Milton Keynes)

At our last business meeting, we had a chat with Yan Cheung, the newest member of the Little Mandarin Classes family.

Yan, entrepreneur and mother of three, has joined us in September 2019, as the Regional Director of Little Mandarin Classes Milton Keynes. We are very proud to have a growing team of incredible women working together to provide much-needed language education in the UK.

We would like, therefore, to give our readers and potential franchisees the opportunity to know Yan better. We hope you enjoy the next conversation about business, pleasure, being bilingual and a multicultural life.

What is your favourite thing about being an entrepreneur/franchisee?

Being a franchisee of Little Mandarin Classes, I can enjoy freedom of work at my own pace, and get awarded quality time and the opportunity to develop my self-initiative.

How do you find juggling work, family life and your personal life and development?

As a mum of three children, I found the work of providing Chinese Education adds value to my personal and family life. It also helps me have a better understanding of my children’s learning progress. We share more common topics as well.

Do you ever mix business and pleasure?

I certainly gained pleasure and satisfaction from my business.

What are your favourite ways to spend quality time with your children?

My favourite ways to spend quality time with my children are to make nature crafts, to read stories together and express our feelings, to watch world news and share our own opinions, to talk about our daily lives through mealtime.

As a bilingual parent, how did you introduce your children to your native language but also your second language (host country language)?

I encouraged my children to read books and news of different languages. They also developed the habit to write their own diary every day.

As 2 of the most widely spoken languages, Mandarin and English could be enough to travel to most of the places in the world. My children speak both Mandarin and English and they enjoyed travelling to different countries with no language barriers.

I believe bilingual children gain more opportunities to develop their own future if they access other parts of the world and you can only do this through language.

How important is it to you that you speak different languages?

It’s very important and meaningful to me that I can speak different languages and immerse in different cultures. I see culture a huge, valuable treasure box, we get fun and excitement for exploring it and we can make the world a better place if we teach others to value it.

If you have any questions for Yan or would like her support to introduce Mandarin Chinese lessons in your Milton Keynes setting, you can contact Yan at yan@littlemandarinclasses.co.uk

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