Government Announcing Strategy to End Lock Down & What This Means for Schools

Government will be making an announcement this Sunday 10th May 2020 about their strategy for ending the lockdown.

This could mean a slow but gradual reopening of UK Schools. The Government is reportedly hoping students will be able to return to classes by the 1st June 2020.

It is said that Schools that reopen will happen in phases and not all students will be allowed back straight away. Students in Year 6 would be the first to return to Primary Schools, the remaining Primary School aged Children would be next, along with Students in years 10 and 12 who are due to sit their GCSEs and A-Levels in 20201.

Things will no doubt be different for when students return to School. Desks may have to be separated two metres apart and a reduction of number of Children per classroom could also be reduced. Questions raised include whether there are enough desks to cater to all year groups? How do you keep younger children apart? Will there be enough staff to manage the students?

Other European countries have reopened their Schools, Denmark returned to School from 15th April, Norway reopened on 27th April, Germany reopened fro