Different Ways To Make Ramen Noodles

  1. Instead of having it on its own, you can make it slightly more nutritious by adding a fried egg on top, or with some other condiments like fried span, carrots or pickles this makes your simple bowl of noodles a little bit more exciting.

  2. Instead of having your traditional soup ramen you can mix it up and boil your noodles, drain them and then stir fry them with the packet seasoning some meat and other sauces if you wanted instead of having your traditional noodles soup

  3. You can make a ramen burger, substitute your regular burger buns with some ramen. You can just oven bake your ramen or fry them coated in eggs. This adds a little Asian twist to your burgers.

  4. Another way is to add rice to your left-over ramen soup, the rice absorbs all of the juicy soup flavour and creates a great meal.

  5. You can also make ramen pizza. It is so simple all you have to do it cook your ramen noodles, drain them and then toss them in oil. Mix your ramen with eggs, cheese, garlic powder and your ramen packet seasoning. Put this on a pizza pan and add your pizza sauce and toppings. Then bake for 25 mins at 200 degrees Celsius.

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