How To Keep Active At Home

During quarantine it is easy to just lay down and lounge around, so here are a few things to keep yourself active at home.

1. Have a workout in the morning.

Early morning workouts not only help you establish a routine, but once a routine has been established you are less likely to skip a workout. It also helps you feel more energised for your day ahead and helps you feel prepared for your day.

2. Go for a walk

Having a daily walk out in the fresh air can help improve your mood, but also helps you keep active daily. Walking helps you burn calories and tone your legs.

3. Do squats every time you go to the toilet.

Every time you go to the toilet, do 30 squats. Doing exercise with something as normal as going to the toilets helps you to get daily exercise regularly, keeping you active during the day.

4. Stand up or fidget while you work.

Standing up helps burns more calories than sitting down as you are putting more stress on your body than sitting down. If not, another alternative is getting a yoga ball and sitting on it. As sitting on it forces you to engage your core and stabilises your abs.