Our Methodology

Little Mandarin Classes adopts a kinaesthetic teaching approach - learning through various physical activities rather than sitting and listening or watching the teacher.

We combine this teaching method with story-telling, role-play and British sign language to really enhance Children's learning abilities. We use flashcards, games, songs, singing bowl, parachutes and puppets to help aid learning of Mandarin Chinese.

From a young age, children (and adults) learn by movement and sign for example if we place our finger on our lips that indicates being quiet, if we rub our belly it can indicate we are hungry and if we point to the door it can mean get out or leave the room. We've adopted this learning approach using British sign language - a recognised language using visual aids to give meaning to a movement.

Our Classes for Early Years & KS1 children encourages listening and speaking, we use stories and adventures to utilise the Mandarin vocabulary. Children initially learn the sign language associated with the Mandarin word and repeats this throughout the story - this involves lots of physical movement, creativity, imagination and developing emotional and physical well-being at the same time.

The KS2 classes introduces reading and writing on top of listening and speaking, there is a smaller story which has a moral to it and children are required to role-play this out.

We are the only Children's language company offering Mandarin Chinese through Story-telling, Role-play & British Sign Language.

You won't believe how fast and easy it is for children to learn!