Little Paxton Preschool Cambridgeshire

Bev Elliot (Manager)

Wow - We had 25 little ones in ranging from 2.5 - 4 year olds. Huai Ly engaged the children from the very start. It was a lovely way to extend the learning that the children had already had. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the Dragon Dancing and all were eager to take home their red envelopes.

Online Classes


Elizabeth started the little mandarin class with Su Lao Shi (Teacher Su) in January. Although she wasn't entirely sure with the online class concept in the beginning I could see that she was picking up the lessons. She enjoys the story telling and some of the songs that were shared in the class. I highly recommend Su Lao Shi's class as she is very patient with the children and is very engaging. Also it helps that after each class, there are links for us parents to use and revise with the children on our own.

Online Classes

Eve Majawat (Parent)

I’m glad to have stumbled upon Little Mandarin Classes. Hailey’s classes are engaging and fun. In just a few weeks, our son is able to speak basic phrases. He enjoys the songs and quizzes, and looks forward to class. Learning a new language is a long-term investment that is guaranteed to pay off. We’re glad to have Little Mandarin Classes be part of that journey.

Colvestone Primary School

Year 5 T.A.

Our year 5 class finds the Mandarin session fun and it helps them to socialise in the learning of this new language making it easy to understand. It was It was informal because one day we might be able to use it if as an adult when visiting China, we enjoyed the role play, the music and our many mistakes that help us to remember the characters in the various sentences.

Dulwich Oaks Montessori

Sam Richmond - Deputy Head

Little Mandarin Classes have proved very popular at Dulwich Oaks Montessori Nursery School this term.  We have been impressed with Maggie's classes; she manages to keep the children interested with fun, engaging activities and the children's parents have been pleased with the rapid progress they have made.

Nell Gwynn Nursery School

Pippa Baker - Head of School and SENCo

Our children at Nell Gwynn Nursery School have thoroughly enjoyed workshops with Little Mandarin Classes. The Teachers are always highly professional and engage well with the children. The sessions are dynamic and they offer challenge to children who are ready and keen to learn more about another language.​ Our two year olds through to our rising fives have had the opportunity to participate in Little Mandarin Classes as the Teachers are able to pitch the content at the right level developmentally. We would certainly recommend Little Mandarin Classes to other educational establishments.

Little Jungle Nursery

Tarek El-Semman (Director)

We have been working with Little Mandarin Classes for over a year now, and from the very first session, they have been absolutely amazing. Engaging with the children and making learning Mandarin really fun. Even the educators greet each other with Nihao! I have also been really impressed with the flexibility of the team, great communications and how you managed to integrate Mandarin Chinese classes into our baby section. Keep up the great work, and here’s to many more years of working together.

Tarek El-Semman (Director - Little Jungle Nursery, London) - Little Jungle has been shortlisted for Nursery of the Year 2017 (www.nurseryworldawards.com/shortlist)

Noah Leggot


I went to a Little Mandarin classes session and had lots of fun, we got to run and play, act like animals and pull faces at each other while learning how to speak Chinese. It was easy and nothing like school the teachers are cool and I really enjoyed it.

Young England Kindergarten

Lucy Oldman

I sat in on one of Joanna’s sessions with the children and it was lovely to see how she used a variety of strategies to engage the children. Joanna used pictures to help support the children’s understanding and used actions for every new word introduced. It was also great to see how she used action songs to help engage the children in the activity.


At the end of the session Joanna reviewed with the group what they had learnt so far and praised them for their hard work.


I felt the session was pitched at the right level for the age group and I could see that the children were able to remember some words that they had learnt that day and in previous sessions.


The children clearly enjoyed their time in the Mandarin sessions!

Cambourne PreSchool

Karen Childerly (Deputy Manager)

We started Little Mandarin Classes with Huai Ly towards the end of the summer term. We have really enjoyed it. She has tailored classes towards the age group of the children and has made them very fun and interesting! Moving on in a good time to keep the children engaged and they are learning some vocabs :)

We also love the info Huai Ly gives us so we can involve parents in the learning.

Colvestone Primary School


The children have enjoyed these Mandarin classes. They loved learning a new language! The games and songs are great! These Mandarin classes have been fun and enjoyable for the children to experiment and also broaden their knowledge of being taught another new language.

Melbourn Primary School


Huai Ly is clearly a committed teacher and my children say her Mandarin classes are great fun. We also find the sheets and videos helpful so we can practise together at home.

Conway Primary School

Sully - Teacher

I have been attending Nabira's Mandarin Classes with Years 3 and 6 for 7 weeks now, I think the Children have learnt so much and remember what they have learnt very well. I myself have learnt a lot and I really enjoy these classes. Nabira is a lovely teacher and always willing to repeat herself and help the children until they understand. Xie Xie.

Alphabet House Nursery School


I am very happy with Rhona’s Chinese classes with the children. I feel that a lot of the children have picked up on a few words. When Rhona comes into the class the children already greet her and welcome her in Chinese. I myself have learnt a lot from this session and enjoy her teaching. :)

Hackney New School

Siobhan Horisk - Headteacher

We have been delighted with these initial Little Mandarin Classes - they have been a real hit!

Thank you for setting it up.

Clerkenwell Mount Nursery

Jackie Luther (Nursery Manager)

The staff give me very positive feedback. The children are making good progress and really enjoy the sessions. The classroom management is very good and appropriate for the development stage of children.

Jenny Borst


Our son, Thomas, enjoys his Mandarin classes enormously and willingly practises. His teacher is lovely and he is learning a very useful skill for life in a fun way. Highly recommended.

The Pointer School

Suki Collet

The classes are going well this term. The children are responsive to the teacher and engaged in the variety of activities. It is good to see that there is a mixture of movement and sitting still as one hour is a long time to keep 4 and 5 year-olds engaged. The teacher has a very positive attitude and deals with distracted behaviour if necessary.

Ladybirds Childcare (Cambridge)

Louise Sullivan, Manager

Thank you for a lovely, entertaining and enriching afternoon. Our children were engaged by the activities and really enjoyed the dragon dance.

You were great at keeping the children entertained for the whole session. We would be keen to use you again.

Young England Kindergarten

Henry King - Business Manager

The children are really enjoying the Mandarin lessons. They look forward to the lessons each week and they are focused and engaged. They have learnt lots of new words and many of them proudly tell me what they have learnt and go home and tell their parents too! I would certainly recommend Little Mandarin Classes to other schools.

Clerkenwell Mount Nursery

Jacqueline Rirlew

The class is informative and well planned. The children respond well to Mandarin Class and they respond well to what they are learning by speaking Mandarin and relating language to colours, numbers and objects.

Melbourn Playgroup Cambridgeshire

Claire Armstrong (Manager)

The Children enjoyed the story-telling, learning Mandarin words and the Lion dance. I liked that it was visual which kept the children engaged. The children’s favourite part was the Lion Dance. 

Hawley Primary School

Lesley Moss (Senior Admin Officer)

Little Mandarin Classes has been teaching Mandarin to a dedicated group of children at an after school club at Hawley Primary School for several years. Pupils not only enjoy the class, but have made terrific progress during that time. I can highly recommend Little Mandarin Classes as being a reliable organisation with excellent teachers.

Mei Yin Cheong

Eva's Mum

I found it to be clear and unambiguous, outlining next steps and call to action deadline. I find it refreshing to have a communication piece that is simple and clear. Great work!

Clerkenwell Mount Nursery


The class is always very engaged in the sessions. The classes suit the ability of each age group and therefore the children are able to pick up what they're taught very quickly. The classes are interactive and the teachers are very enthusiastic, friendly and supportive. The children really look forward to the sessions.

Holy Trinity Primary School

Pauline Thomas (Deputy Head)

I am happy to say that the children enjoy the classes


Inez's Mum

Inez really enjoyed Little Mandarin Classes, she loves the movement and was really engaged with the story-telling. She learn how to say different greetings in Mandarin. Would highly recommend!

St Catherine's School

Sherry (Annabella's Mum)

Annabella really enjoys Little Mandarin Classes. Very friendly teaching atmosphere, teachers are sweet and passionate.


Lucy's Mum

Thank you so much for the classes in Greenwich. Lucy absolutely loved it! Learning, fun and new friends: what could be better than that?



I had lots of fun and would love to go again!



My four years old boy, Jonathan has been enjoying the Mandarin lessons for the past two months. The lessons are very practical, we learn everything about our daily life, from counting, colours, food, to express love language to our family members.  I like to give the thumbs up to the teacher, for being so patience and understanding with all the kids. She always positive, encouraging and smiley.  We also like the way she started the class with revisions. Learning with singing and signing also made the lessons more interesting, especially to keep the kids awake.

Colvestone Primary School

Shameem Aziz

The pupils learning from what I can see have made significant progress and are confident in using the Mandarin they have learnt. The tasks are engaging, they have the opportunity to work in groups and play games which they seem to enjoy. Pupils always engaged.

Clerkenwell Mount Nursery

Natalia Tucker (Room Leader)

The class is dynamic and it has improved the children seem to be learning a lot and they enjoy. The practitioners have control of the group and they don't pressure the children that are not too keen. We are happy with Ivy.

Loxi Lowndes


I'm very impressed with Little Mandarin Classes. The lessons and resources are extremely well put together. My daughter (age 6) loves interactive classes; Singing, drawing, writing. I would recommend for absolute beginners.



My daughters enjoy the online lessons. Their favorite parts are writing Chinese letters and video about making noodle.

I like Little Mandarin that my children have fun while learning, online resources available for parents to use to support children learning and amazing teacher!

I am happy that in each lesson my children learn and practice speaking, writing and singing in Mandarin.

I am impressed with what you deliver in each lesson (topic and you could include many things - speaking, writing, sign language, singing, etc) and communication with parents (sending links to parents to use for children practice after learning). 

Abington Preschool Cambridgeshire

Angela Lindsay (Manager)

The children really loved getting involved in the dragon dance and making the red envelope. It was great and interactive.

Buttons and Bows Preschool Cambridgeshire

Linda Tovey (Deputy Manager)

We really enjoyed the experience the children were totally engaged and loved the dancing and playing the musical instrument.

Chestnut Nursery School, Cambridge

Helen Clutterham, Manager

Thank you for a lovely, stimulating and fun Chinese New Year Workshop. The children and staff all have greatly benefitted from the experience.

Huai Ly was so positive and professional with both children and staff. A fun way to learn about a festival and celebrate with a wealth of linked activities.

Bright Horizons East Barnet Day Nursery & Preschool

Kathryn McKenziel (Deputy Head)

We are really pleased with the information which Chen is delivering during her classes to the children.
The children seem to be learning so much in such a short period of time.
We are looking forward to what Chih-Heng brings to the classes in the next couple of weeks, she’s very energetic and smiley which is always so lovely to see

Bright Horizons Tabard Square Day Nursery and Preschool

Jenny (Nursery Manager)

I have had very good feedback from the staff that the lessons are going well , and a few baby parents have remarked the classes are very good. One baby said Ni hao at home and now mummy greets her with it   : )

Kelvin Lui

Little Mandarin Classes Teacher

If you're passionate about Mandarin teaching but are not completely sure about how well you'd work with children in a classroom, then LMC is definitely for you! Their curriculum come with detailed class plans - each of them are meticulously written step-by-step guide which that lets you capture students' attention and imagination for one full hour with creative activities one after another. Seeing in my students' eyes before each LMC lesson begins their anticipation and excitement (that they perhaps less often display for more traditional lessons) has brought me great satisfaction and joy. When you notice the children's progress during a course and how proud they have become of it, you can't help but feel hěn kāixīn! 

What is also great about this one year of teaching with LMC is that there is always excellent support from the LMC Team and your colleagues on general classroom management. In addition to the comprehensive training before the start of the school year, we've had continuous guidance on how to handle the different scenerios you encounter in your classroom, from approaching reticence exhibited by some students, to approaching very exuberant students. The Team is experienced in this and will helpfully coach you all the way through your work with schools, constantly supplying you with tips and advices to make the conducting of your lessons more effective. 

Christopher Hatton Primary School

Katy Parker (Teacher)

The classes are great, very interactive and well resourced. They are also pitched well for the age range with lots of singing and movement. The children are learning a lot and loving it.

Colvestone Primary School

Jacqueline Riviere

The year 3 class really enjoy their Mandarin class every Monday. The level of teaching is fantastic, as the children feed off their teachers enthusiasm, using repetition and music as a learning aid. The class was able to communicate very quickly and respond to questions with ease. I was initially surprised with how quickly they learnt Mandarin and how much they were able to retain. I am glad our School has chosen Little Mandarin Classes to teach our children and would recommend them to any other children’s organisation.

Young England Kindergarten

Lucinda Byron Evans (Headteacher/Manager)

We have been having Little Mandarin classes at our Kindergarten for just over a year now. The children love them! The teachers keep the sessions fun and engaging through the use of story and songs. The children have really enjoyed hearing the language and the way it sounds. It is so different to any other language we have offered here before. We have also had positive feedback from parents who say that there children are singing some of the songs at home too! I would definitely recommend them to any nursery who may be looking to provide something a little different to their children. 

Melbourn Primary School

Mrs Henderson

My son is enjoying Mandarin club and learning lots. He particularly enjoyed learning the songs.

Dulwich Oaks Montessori

Yuki Solle (Dulwich Oaks mum)

Thank you so cute found her singing in mandarin recently... she's going to beat me in Mandarin soon xx

Alphabet House Nursery School

Aweela Shah

Thank you so much all the children really enjoyed the testimonial session. They all look forward to Friday to do this session. The teacher is very nice and she helped a lot of children to learn, she speaks very clearly and softly so everyone can understand her and repeat words after her.

Primrose Primary School

Fariba Soetan (Asha's Mum)

I am delighted to give feedback on the classes my daughter has been attending at Primrose Hill.

She has enjoyed these classes from the start- excited to have learned something practical at each class such as counting to five, then 10, introducing herself etc. She previously attended a Spanish class but didn't like it. Little mandarin has made learning a new language fun.

Clerkenwell Mount Nursery

Nursery Manager

I just wanted to drop you an email to say one of my senior staff sat in on the lesson this week and she was very impressed. Also lots of the parents are now commenting on things that their children are saying at home

Colvestone Primary School

Lisa & Nikki

The children like the stories during the lessons. They like learning the different sounds (words). They bring it out at playtimes and lunchtimes. Also they like the songs and games.

Melbourn Primary School

Mrs Grant, Parent

She really enjoys it and is proud to show us what she’s learnt

Marmalade Owl Nursery

Miss Linda (Headteacher)

Simon was absolutely amazing and the children were spellbound during his lesson.   We were all learning Mandarin and the children sang the song "1,2,3" before they ate their lunch after Simon had left!  Thank you so very much for sending Simon to us.

Bright Buttons Nursery

Monica Kasake

The children love the Little Mandarin Classes. The songs are very simple and easy to remember and the children always sings them after the session is done.

Alphabet House Nursery School

Aweela Shah

It was a really good Mandarin class!

Bright Buttons Nursery


The children enjoy Mandarin class and look forward to using the singing bowl and listening to the sounds it makes.

Carlton Primary School

Marianna - Teacher

The Children enjoy learning Mandarin and are very excited every time they have a lesson. They like learning new words each week and enjoy the way the lesson is delivered (using toys, music, cards, etc.).
You can tell how much they like the lesson by the fact that they all participate each time and that sometimes they even greet each other in Chinese!

Aisha Ibin-Ibrahim

Hanniel Ibin-Ibrahim - 5 Years Old



My son HannieI took part in a little mandarin taster session. He had so much fun and came out sing songs that he has learned and saying words that he couldn't wait to tell me.

The teachers are lovely and really make the lessons fun and interesting for the kids like playing games and pretending to be different animals.

I would definitely recommend this to family and friends it is a great way for young children to learn another language.